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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business

The placing of an order constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions of business. These terms and conditions are not open to alteration and shall be seen as incorporated in all orders for the supply of products, services and materials by The Art Wall.


Custom/ customised products/ orders is defined as:

Any bespoke piece or stock website good that is altered or amended by our design team or associated designers in anyway to meet a specification outside of the stock product’s original parameters. This does not include colour selection from our pre-set chart on standard products, nor the input of text ie a name for products that require such information as standard.

Standard/ stock products/ order is defined as:

Any product available to purchase through our website that do not require artwork, alterations or design by our team or associated designers.


Unless otherwise stated a quotation is open for acceptance for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of supply.


The Art Wall reserves the right to alter prices without notice and all prices quoted are strictly estimations and may be subject to subsequent alterations if circumstances deem it to be reasonable. This decision rests with Vinyl Impression. Quantity discounts will be considered on request, but are not guaranteed.


Due to high cost of processing and transportation a minimum order charge of £100 will apply on all custom products, unless otherwise stated.

  1. VAT

All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the subsisting rate. All products displayed on the website include VAT as standard.


An order or an acceptance of a quotation must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable The Art Wall to proceed with the order. Any modifications must be agreed in writing and reference must be made to any special quotation, which has been given. All telephone and verbal orders must be confirmed in writing immediately. All communications relating to orders should specify the number and date of the original order together with a description of the goods. The Art Wall will accept no responsibility for losses arising from non-observance of these requirements.


The Art Wall retains the title to the goods until all amounts due from the client are paid. In the event of a client being unable to pay his debts, the company may enter the client’s premises and recover the goods, which are its property by virtue of this clause.


The Art Wall aims to complete all projects in 7 working days (Monday to Friday inclusive), unless otherwise stated by a member of our team. The 7 working day period for custom orders begins only when the client has approved final artwork and until such time the order and its turnaround time will be unspecified. Delivery time is in addition to the average production turnaround and this must be considered before placing an order.


The Art Wall will use its best endeavours to ensure that orders are completed within the time stated above, but will not accept any liability for damages in the event of failing to do so. Should delays be experienced in the completion of an order the buyer does not have the right to cancel the order either entirely or in part if any works have begun. Any actions taken by The Art Wall to remedy the situation should be seen as a token of good will and not an admission of guilt.


The Art Wall use only reputable couriers and in most cases all orders are sent out on a next day service within the UK. If you haven’t purchased an express shipping option your order will be sent with Royal Mail and in these cases it is not uncommon for deliveries to arrive a couple of days after dispatch (UK only). For information regarding our international shipping options, please contact our sales team.

While we do all we can to mitigate against loss, delay and damage, occasionally couriers experience issues that are outside of the control of Vinyl Impression. In these circumstances, while they are unfortunate, The Art Wall does not recognise responsibility or provide compensation for delays. Any actions taken by The Art Wall to remedy the situation should be seen as a token of good will and not an admission of guilt.


Due to the nature of the product it is reasonably expected that superficial paint damage might occur during installation and or removal. The Art Wall take no responsibility for any such damage and all products are strictly used at the sole risk of the customer. The Art Wall is not liable in any circumstance and will not offer any remedy, whether monetary or otherwise.


While The Art Wall will advise on the most suitable products for each application surface, it remains the customer’s sole responsibility to check the application surface and ensure its structural suitability before placing an order. Any damage caused to an application surface (e.g. glass partitions, windows, walls (all construction types) etc.) remain the sole responsibility of the customer even if damage is caused after interaction with any product or service supplied by The Art Wall.


Surfaces that require preparation include textured walls, fragile structures or surfaces that have broken down over time including but not limited to poor paint works and finishes. All painted surfaces must be left undisturbed to fully cure for a minimum of 4-6 weeks unless otherwise stated, as different material will vary.


An unusable surface is defined as those which are heavily textured, fragile or show signs of excessive expansion and/or shrinkage, or those which alter due to extreme temperature changes from the physical environment including air-conditioning and heating systems. This list is not exhaustive. If you wish to place a graphic near a heat or cooling source you must inform The Art Wall at the first point of contact before quotation.


Whilst we use industry recognised removable material, The Art Wall do not accept and liability for damage caused to any application surface. All products are purchased and used solely at the purchaser’s own risk. For more information regarding our material please contact our sales team at sales@theartwall.co.uk


Our Christmas products are produced using industry recognised short-term removable materials, but whilst they are designed not to cause any damage The Art Wall offers no guarantees that damage will not occur. Our Christmas products arrive with a small test sample that must be tested on your surface and removed after 7days to check the surface’s suitability. However, The Art Wall does not accept responsibility for any damage and our products are used at your own risk, please see our returns and refund policy for more information.

When removing your Christmas wall or window sticker we recommend the use of a hairdryer at a distance on a low to medium setting to warm the adhesive to ease the graphics from your window or wall.


Whilst we use industry recognised floor graphic materials that are specifically designed for purpose, The Art Wall accepts no liability for trips, slips and falls that occur as a result of their use. It is the consumer’s sole responsibility to account for all graphics, specifically floor stickers, in health and safety risk assessments. Customers are also responsible for monitoring the health of the graphics after they have been applied taking all steps to ensure safety remains paramount.


The price of installation is calculated based on an approximate duration of a job and can increase onsite if a customer makes any alterations to the agreed visuals. Any alterations that increase the installation length will be charged at £40.00 an hour ex VAT per installer.

Installation generally will not be confirmed until artwork has been agreed. However, installation can be ‘pencilled in’ on agreement that artwork will be submitted 7 full working days before the proposed date. The Art Wall reserves the right to cancel if the artwork is not submitted by the requested date, irrespective of monies paid.

During an install it is a reasonable expectation that from time to time our installation team will cause minor/aesthetic damage to paintwork in the line of performing their duties. While this is regrettable, any such damage is the sole responsibility of the customer unless otherwise agreed by Vinyl Impression.

The customer remains solely responsible for the preparation of the application surface and its easy and safe accessibility before the installation crews arrive on site.

If the standards are not met the installation team have the right to refuse to install in any unsuitable areas or in some cases leave site immediately. The customer will still be charged in full for that installation and any subsequent bookings will be chargeable in full in addition to any fees already paid.

The decision on whether an area is clear and safe to work in rests solely with the lead installer. If minor obstructions prevent the install team from completing their work they may at their discretion request you to remove articles of furniture that are causing obstruction. If no one is available to do this and the install team has to move any articles of furniture in order to perform their duties, any damage caused to such articles is the responsibility of the customer.

The decision on whether a surface is suitable for installation rests solely with our lead installer. However, if the customer insists on installation they can sign ‘the waiver’ that states they loose all rights to claim against any and all damage, peeling and bubbling or visible defects to the graphic caused by the surface. This list is not exhaustive; please ask for the waiver for more information.


The Art Wall accepts no liability for damage caused by installation by self-installation or by any third party not authorised by The Art Wall including but not limited to painters and decorators, other graphic installers and self-application. Self-application is defined as installation by anyone associated with the end user and/or purchase agent who is not a professional authorised by The Art Wall. Third party installation should not be booked before the products supplied by The Art Wall are delivered and checked thoroughly by the purchaser. The Art Wall are not labile to pay any fees associated with a third party installer if the graphics are delivered later than estimated or in some way faulty.

  1. Removal and derig

The Art Wall are not responsible for any damage caused to any surface during the removal of any graphic even with when using our derig service. However, The Art Wall will accept responsibility and liability in a situation where the incorrect material (this does not cover incorrect colours of the same material type) was supplied or damage was caused by the error of the install team. Please note The Art Wall holds the sole right to decide if the damage was caused by error and will investigate the circumstances in order to decide. Please note this decision is final and cannot be appealed.

All wall graphic derigs performed by anyone other than an authorised agent of Vinyl Impression’s should use a heat gun or hairdryer at a distance on a low or medium setting to soften the adhesive to aid removal. When the adhesive is warm begin to peel a corner of the graphic back and peel the sticker against itself to reduce the likelihood of damage occurring.

Please note that any heat used should not be so great as to cause the material to singe or burn and if this happens you should stop immediately, place a damp cloth on the singed area and ventilate the room.


Vector artwork must be submitted in an original file, which must be saved as an .ai, .eps or .pdf file. All files need to be submitted ready to print unless an artwork service is included in the order or other wise stated. Any amendments needed beyond that which is normally expected will be chargeable at £50 per hour per artworker.

All images for wall murals must be submitted as high-resolution jpeg or tiff files (at least 150dpi at 100% or 300dpi at 50%). Whilst The Art Wall will endeavour to advise on the most suitable images for purpose, however all images will lose a degree of quality when scaled up to the size of a wall. The Art Wall will print a sample for all custom wall murals as standard to check the quality. In instances where quality falls below the expected standard at a viewing distance of a meter, The Art Wall will send the customer the printed sample to decide if they wish to proceed with the selected image.

If deadlines of artwork submission are communicated, the purchaser and all agents associated with them must adhere to the timeline. If this timeline is negatively altered due to missing submissions, The Art Wall holds the right to change the delivery date or delay or cancel installation, irrespective of the graphics purpose including if they are needed for specific date or event.


By placing the order and sending over artwork a client declares they hold the right and correct licences to reproduce all text, images, artwork and digital files supplied. This means that the client fully assumes absolute liability for any resulting violation of copyright in any action brought by a third party.


You have the right to cancel your order without reason at any time within the ‘cooling off period’ of seven working days from the date the order is placed, however this does not include customised products if works have already begun. Customised products are defined above. Works is defined as any actions taken by the The Art Wall team or associated designers to begin tasks that are directly linked to the process of producing an order. Gift vouchers are also non-refundable. Click here to see our full returns and refund policy.


The Art Wall offers a 30-day returns policy that commences on the date an order is placed for products in their original condition and packaging. Refunds are not accepted on custom products, but are available on all stock items.

The Art Wall doesn’t take responsibility for damage to either the product itself or the application surface during installation or removal. Nor is liability acknowledged for damaged occurred in storage after the product has been delivered. Click here to see our full returns and refund policy.


The Art Wall advises the client to insure the materials for their full value against all risks, loss or damage at all times including but not limited to fire, water and smoke damage or other accidental damage or acts of God.


These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with English and Welsh law. Consequently the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction of any claim that arise in connection with this incorporated agreement, including but not limited to non-contractual disputes or claims.

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