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Get Hypnotized by These Winsome GIFs

GIFs are the perfect vehicle for joy. There’s just something about their endless, elegant simplicity that’s mesmerizing and delightful, and these joyous qualities are exemplified in the work of artist and animator Eran Mendel. The beauty in his GIFs is that though your rational brain knows they’ll loop forever and ever, utterly unchanging, his skillful animation imbues your irrational brain with an impossible-to-shake confidence that they will change. Like the above depiction of a dude chasing a cat—poor guy’s simply not going to get the kitten into the box. But Mendel’s figures are so realistic in their simplicity and so alive in their animation that don’t you think that if you watch long enough, he just might catch that cat?

For more information on Eran Mendel’s work, click here


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